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Newsletter May 2023

Frank Adkisson

Medicare CMS Cracks Down on Misleading Ads After Public OutCry

Thank you loyal clients:

Last fall's newsletter about Medicare-themed misleading ads received a lot of comments. The governing body of Medicare is CMS, the "Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services." After a whole lot of horses seem to have gotten out of the corral, they seem to be finally repairing the fence. it would not surprise me to see Joe Namath off the airwaves this fall. Better late than never. Deal with someone you know who returns calls; not someone in a cubicle you'll never talk to again. Your insurance coverage is too important.

These are still folks getting solicitations for the numerous benefits of a "Dual Plan." This is a specific plan for those who have BOTH Medicare and Medicaid. It's a very small subset of the population and it does offer an array of amazing benefits, but most will not qualify. They don't tell you that and hope you are enticed to at least call. Then they pull the bait-and-switch and try to snag you by offering you something completely different. They just want you to call and then aggressively pounce. 


Ultimately nothing will really work until the major insurance carriers stop doing business with the fly-by-night operators. 


Inflation is not on as steep a trajectory as it was a year ago. You'll notice most banks are offering CDs in the range of 4.5+%. But if you look closely they are offering only 9-12 months at those rates. The 3-year CDs often have LOWER rates than the 1-year. If you read the tea leaves, that tells me the banks don't expect those savings rates to last longer term. 


But insurance companies are offering 5% (or higher) for 3 years guaranteed! I suspect these rates may decline some too. So if you are wanting to lock something in even longer, call me. We can take care of that. Minimum investment $10,000. NO market risk.


There continue to be rumblings of a potential government shutdown.


1 ) If you have a 1958 birthdate, you'll want to get signed up for Medicare sooner rather than later.

2 ) This can wreak havoc on the economy and interest rates could be affected. Let's hope not.


Even though we're based in Omaha, we have additional licenses in:

IA, KS, MO, CO, AZ, IL, TX, NJ, MN, AR, OK, SD, NV, and NM. 



Dental Insurance

Hospital Insurance

Log-term (and short-term) care plans

Cancer plans

We do all that and more!

Individual (age 18-64) health insurance

Life insurance (all ages, ALL health situations)

Pre-Paid In-home care discount plans

Funeral trusts (preserving funds legally from Medicaid)

Be looking for invitations arriving June for out THIRD annual Client Appreciation Night, Thursday, August 10th, 2023 at 4:30 pm. Mark your calendar and we will have lots of prizes to give away. Like August Santa, I'm stocking up on goodies to give away now. 


I'm the luckiest guy I know as this business really doesn't feel like actual work. I see it just helping out friends and future friends. I continue to be humbled by the kindness of my clients and the numerous referrals you send my way. 





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