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Newsletter October 2023

Frank Adkisson

"Important Updates for 2024 Medicare and ACA Enrollment: Protect Yourself from Scams and Save on Medications!"

Dear Friends,

Well, let's start off with the BIG NEWS:    Our office has moved.    We are now at 3628 N 163rd Plz, right at 163rd and Maple.    So if you are planning on visiting us in the fall, don't go to the old location.

Second of all, we once again had a great turnout and enjoyed seeing so many of you at our Client Appreciation Event last August.    Stay tuned for details on our 2024 shindig!

A few quick bullet points: Is anyone you know on pricey blood thinner meds like Eliquis and Xarelto?    We need to talk! Anyone with inhalers for COPD?    We need to talk!

The fall enrollment period for 2024 Medicare plans starts October 1.    Fall enrollment for 2024 ACA health insurance starts November 1.

At the time of this writing, we haven't disclosed a lot of preliminary information about stand-alone prescription drug plans but by October 1, we'll be up and running.

The federal government has apparently listened and has made misleading ads on TV more difficult to circumvent the established rules.    However, that was in plain sight on TV.    The smaller operators, who make unsolicited calls claiming they "are calling from Medicare" and are offering a home benefits review still proliferate.    The mailer that claims a Medicare phone appointment has already been made on your behalf and you need to confirm that time, is another scammy attack to be aware of. 

For those of you who originally met me or my son Andy through Millard Walmart store where I used to have regular fall hours, that has ended after a decade.    Walmart decided a public service for their customer by providing expertise in their store was just fine as long as we paid them a large sum of money upfront.    For me, it was a bridge too far and we've walked away.    Someone else will likely be in that store who capitulated to Walmart's excessive fee. 

Because of the anticipated volume, most appointments will be done either via phone or at our new office.    Liz Mueller will be assisting me again in setting up my appointments.    We'll be available 7 days a week beginning October 1. 

Will we be busy? Absolutely.    Will we be too busy for you? NEVER.    Your best bet always is a local agent who gets to know you and your needs and stays with you over time to adjust as your needs change.    No person on an 800 number can ever do that. 

Even though I'm based in Omaha, I have additional licenses in IA, KS, MO, CO, AZ, IL, TX, NJ, MN, AR, OK, GA, NV, and SD. 

I'm the luckiest guy I know as this business really doesn't feel like actual work.    I see it as just helping out friends.    I continue to be humbled by the kindness of my clients and the numerous referrals you send my way. 




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