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Newsletter April 2024

Frank Adkisson

"Important Updates for 2024 Medicare and ACA Enrollment: Protect Yourself from Scams and Save on Medications!"

Dear Friends,

Once again, I guess we have to start with unsolicited phone call mayhem. The calls typically originate from outside the US.

"Medicare has asked us to tell you about changes."

"You may be missing out on hundreds of dollars of benefits."

"You could be receiving thousands of dollars of free food benefits." Blah blah blah.

First of all, our agency has access to ALL competitive plans. Listening to an unsolicited phone call could cause you to lose you relationship with us.

ANY unsolicited phone call is in itself illegal. Medicare will never call you If you have questions, by all means, call us. We'll give it to you straight. Just hang up on those junk phone calls.

Question: Do your adult kids (and/or grandkids) who have young children have sufficient ($250,000 minimum) life insurance? It can be awkward to ask them but better to ask now than when it's too late. Who covers the missing dollars in their budget in case of a tragedy? You? Go-Fund-Me is NOT like insurance. 

Sample premium: Healthy 30-year old male, $250,000 coverage guaranteed 20 yrs: $14.82/month. It's insane not to have this critical protection for a young breadwinner and it's INEXPENSIVE.

Long term care insurance: Costly? Yes. However, there is an insurance company offering:

1) NO health questions to qualify

2) NO risk of your premium dollars going unused

3) Guaranteed acceptance un until age 80

Minimum investment $50,000

For those of you who have put it off and are putting your entire nestegg at risk or are banking on Medicaid always being there "someday" we might want to have a conversation about this opportunity. 

Interest rates: The Fed has stated they will cut rates. Just not quite yet. Credit unions are still advertising 5% interest on CDs but if you look closely not a one of them will offer that rate for more than 15 months. Some as low as 6 months. We have insurance companies offering 5.25+% for 36 months (any longer). Lock in while you still can. No market risk. 

Calling all 1959ers: You are the last of the 1950s birthdays becoming Medicare eligible. If you wait until your birthday to reach out to us, you're already late. Please reach out 60-90 days prior for best results. 

History flashback: March 1959: President Eisenhower signed papers granting Hawaii statehood. Most of you 1959ers never knew a US with fewer than 50 stars on the flag.

Even though I'm based in Omaha, I have additional licenses in:

IA, KS, MO, CO, AZ, IL, TX, NJ, MN, AR, OK, GA, NV and SD.

I'm the luckiest guy I know as this business really doesn't feel like actual work. I see it just helping out friends. I continue to be humbled by the kindness of my clients and the numerous referrals you send my way. 


Save the date: Client appreciation event is Thursday August 15 at 4:30 pm. Look for invitations arriving in early July. 


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