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National Senior Insurance welcomes you to our site. We offer virtually every product that today's senior needs including Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care, Acute Care, Final Expense, Funeral Trust, Cancer, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Disability, Major Medical, Annuities, Universal Life, Whole Life, and Term Life Insurance.  Most of the companies we offer are listed to your left.  We have access to over 80 different companies to make sure that you are getting the best fit for your needs. 

With National Senior Insurance, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that the insurance policy you decide to invest in will always be the best for you.  Our agents take the time to find out your needs and goals.  Then they find the best company for you.  We handle the entire process all the way from introducing ourselves to helping you if you should ever have a claim on your policy. 

Our Experience Shows!

Most insurance agents have access to one company.  They may try to sell you that one product whether it is the correct fit for you or not.  That one product may also have a much higher cost than other options that are available to you. 

We have the top companies in each area that we specialize in.  This saves you time and money as we can help you get the most coverage for the dollar.  Give us a call to have one of our agents come out and see how we can help you.  402-403-3054

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